You will cut costs and increase profits and manage your business better. By utilizing our services, you will be able to concentrate on what you do best –Sell and get your products manufactured. You can leave the rest to us. We are able to help our customers in all areas of the supply chain.

Due to the complex nature of the fashion business and each businesses requirement of a unique mix of services it is impossible to have a standard price list.

Our customers typically save about 55% over their current expenses. As we have a A la Carte pricing tailored to your specific needs and requirements pricing varies.

Based on volume and what we do for you, pricing can be as low as 0.35% and up to 5.0% of gross sales revenue.

Direct savings on:

  • Staffing and associated costs like real estate, payroll taxes, insurance, vacation pay etc
  • Software – As we use our custom application, you don’t need to invest in any software or pay for expensive software upgrades / maintenance / consultants / implementations
  • Hardware / Servers – No need to invest on Servers and associated hardware to handle your business needs
  • Training – No expense or time spent on training of new staff or on new software
  • Chargebacks / Expense Offset – Our customers typically see a huge reduction in vendor chargeback due to increased accuracy and on time document processing
Plus the biggest savings of all is the reduction of time spent by the management managing and monitoring day to day back office operations.
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